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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  August 10, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. marin county sky 7 video from san rafael over marin counuvenile hall. we know who was being targeted for this jail break attempt. a teenage we are a reputation. >> his name is max wade accused of a number of crimes, including attempted murder and the theft of a lamborghini belonging to celebrity chef guy fieri. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. the search continues for the suspect who tried and failed to break into the juvenile hall in san rafael. katie marzullo joins us with the story. >> reporter: that name max
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wade probably rings a bell for a lot of people. he's charged with many things, most famously stealing tv chef guy fieri's lamborghini. investigators say they think he was the target of this break-in or break-out. they think he chose today for a specific reason. from sky 7 hd the evidence is clear. a gaping hole in a chain link fence and busted window. >> we found an area where the fence had been breached, using bolt culters. we found a sledgehammer used to try to force entry into the wall. >> reporter: on the other side of that wall, a cell holding max wade. wade is an waeugd trial on multiple charges, including auto theft. he's accused of stealing guy fieri's lamb again any. >> the buildings are -- are all con ed in code that fits with prisons and jails and juvenile halls, reenforced
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windows, concrete, they are not easily accessible. >> reporter: it was today or bust. the sheriff's department says wade turned 18 today, and was scheduled for transfer to the adult facility that. transfer has gone through. it was around 4:30 this morning when employees reported hearing a banging on an outside wall. they immediately moved the young inmates to safety and call the sheriff's department. officers searched more than two hours, they did not find whoever tried to break in but did find bolt cutters, sledgehammer and backpack full of clothing. >> suspects left on foot due to the remote location probably got into a car at some point. >> reporter: now the investigation know the target of the break-in they say it narrows the list of suspects as far as who was tying to go through the wall. the sheriff is holding a news conference as we speak, leann melendez will buy updates in our evening newscast.
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katie marzullo, abc7 news. tempers are flaring now in richmond where residents are trying to file claims with chevron in the wake of the refinery fire. you can see people lined up before the center opened. the county has a new warning, scammers are trying to take advantage of the situation. nick smith is there live. >> reporter: good morning. as if the situation weren't difficult enough, people are dealing with all kinds of levels of frustration, partly due to the line, information or what they say is lack of information and cooperation they are getting from chevron this line has been in place since this morning and shows no sign of decreasing hundreds have contacted chevron complaining they've been affected by the fire. because the numbers were so large chevron decided to open a temporary claims office at the nevin community center on 6th street in richmond.
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chevron says they hope to respond to all claims over the next three days. now, new information that the contra costa county d.a.'s office has received evidence someone is delivering false claim report forms to richmond residents. the forms ask residents to provide confidential information, social security numbers banking account numbers and date of birth this is a scam. contra costa county district one supervisor believes constituents in his district are being targeted because of some language barriers and there are scammers looking to profit off of the vulnerable. >> nobody is going to people's homes asking for information. nobody going out in the community two options, call an attorney or go through one of the two official channels established by chevron to file a claim. >> reporter: here at the center on nevin avenue you can see there is still a line of people to ask questions and learn more about the claims process.
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chevron says they will pay appropriate and reasonable claims, including out-of-pocket medical and prompt damage. back her live the office is open today until 7 p.m.. tomorrow from 8 a.m. until noon. again, this line shows no signs of dissipating yet. there are several officials here to answer questions. nick smith, abc7 news. once again the chevron claims office is at the nevin community center at 598 nevin avenue in richmond. the center will be open monday through friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. on saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. you can call chevron about its compensation fund at: 866-260-7881. all that information is posted on we are learning about another major development, air quality regulators say they were about saying there was no pollution caused by the chevron fire.
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the bay area air quality management district said air samples taken during monday's fire showed toxic air contaminants below levels considered safe. now the district says in one of the eight samples taken toxic levels of the compound act yo lean were above the federal standard -- acrolein were above the federal standard and smoke contained particulate matter likely the source of health complaints. another spare the air day triggered by hot weather across the bay area. here's a look at east bay you can see it looks -- hard to say whether that is haze or fog. you know who knows? mike nicco. great question, thank you. good morning. it is haze we didn't have the fog roll in this morning, mainly at the coast, our sixth spare of the air of the summer season, poorest air quality this afternoon in the east bay valleys and santa clara
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valley. everywhere else air quality is fine under spare the air umbrella looks like one more day this is the forecast for tomorrow, poor air quality again in the east bay valleys and santa clara valley. a couple of things you can do, ride your bike or walk. carpool if you can or utilize mass transit postpone errands or filling your car with gas anything that has to do with gas or burning gas try to minimize that during the hottest part of the day. we'll talk more about the heatwave. six people killed in last sunday's gun rampage at a sikh temple are being remembered in wisconsin this morning. hundreds gather at a high school to pay respects they filed past six caskets, you can see a video screen showing photos of the victims. mourners plan to return to the sikh temple, priests will read the holy book from cover to cover to honor the the gunman
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40-year-old wade michael page had ties to white supremacist groups he shot and killed himself. three bay area cities will take part tonight a vigil against hate and violence. san jose, fremont, union city among more than 100 cities taking part. last night a similar rally was held outside the government center in san jose. different groups renewed calls for peace. still ahead, hundreds line-up for free backpacks in the south bay. in san jose many students are getting a jumpstart. job seekers lining up for a second day in san francisco, where you can go to find work where you can go to find work at a major
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it is back-to-school season nearly 2500 students -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: quite the operation here. students come in with parents pick a backpack and then with a golden ticket they have they get in line, walk down and fill those backpacks with school supplies. more than 2400 of these
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backpacks are going to be handed out today. there were some people up bright and early to make sure they got first pick. at 10 a.m. the gates were opened and families came flooding into sacred heart community service center. money the rush 10-year-old miguel. >> my mom wants to get the backpacks >> reporter: he says school stars next week so he's excited to get his pick. this is the 10th year sacred heart service has organized this give-away it has been growing every year. >> 10 years ago we did 150 backpacks, obviously quite a bit since thatim >> reporter: everyone at this give-away has a golden ticket they got a month ago when they to preregister. that's when organizers realized they have hundreds of more students now. >> 25% more than last year. which surprised us.
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we were thinking we knew we had to grow the program a little bit. >> reporter: two thousand were given away last year, nearly 2500 this year along with the back each student will get a it can of school splices with different bits and pieces according to age and grade level. >> the prime minister -- the partnership is a realization that the school system cannot do it alone that we need the involvement of private entities, the high-tech industry in this case. >> reporter: for students this give-away means starting classes without having to worry. in case anyone is wondering if they can show up at the last minute, unfortunately, this is an event that everyone here already preregistered for a month ago. that's why they've got those tickets.
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sacred heart tells me all supplies have been purchased thanks to donations and gifts from the community. i'm sergio quintana, abc7 news. right now job seekers are lining up in san francisco this morning for the second dave a job fair for the city's first target store. one thousand people were interviewed yesterday at the metreon complex. 100 landed a job. target is looking to hire 300 total to work in its new store opening in october. the job fair contntinues until 7:00 tonight and again tomorrow from 9 to 5. meteorologist mike nicco with weather for everyone. there's so much going on this weekend outside lands, vikings, giants, jazz, thunderstorms in the sierra. all in the forecast coming up. important health warning for kids. why more students are being diagnosed with back pain.
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plus, a few busy days in store for music fans.
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>> we have three more people we want to thank. justin s of vallejo. elizabeth t of san jose, abbey of san francisco for every
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like we get a dollar goes to the sleep train deem campaign to help bay area foster kids go to your like can make a difference. less than 45 minutes from now one of the biggest music weekends in san francisco will begin. outside lands festival bigger crowds are expected this year. golden gate park will be packed not only with fans but with booths microbreweries, wineries and restaurants. big names to perform tonight foo fighters and neil young. if you don't have a ticket you are out of luck the festival sold out earlier this week and the shuttle heading there sold out as well. >> still have to watch the highlights here. >> that's right. giants game coming back after a road trip, a lot going on. everything is out for the taking where you want to go
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and how comfortable do you want to be? 11:30 -- 11:20, a few fingers of fog from san francisco one more area to show you from south beach looking at at&t park will come alive at 7:15 first pitch 7:35, full forecast first live doppler clouds are so thin it is dry outside now. let's take a look what the going on down to the south, heading to the san joaquin valley, desert, excessive heat warnings now because of temperatures at night dropping into the 90s around 110 to 120° range during the afternoon that is definitely excessive. some of the clouds along the coast starting to see those erode, more pockets of sun. 57 half moon bay, 60s most of the bay shore, 70s and 80s for everybody else. 57 monterey, inland 81 in
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gilroy, microclimates developing already. spare the air, hot inland also this afternoon slightly warmer still mild tonight pattern shifts for cooler week next week. today 66 half moon bay, 70 san francisco, low to mid 80s most of the bay shore 90s south bay and north bay 100s take over east bay valleys near one muhammad -- near 100 morgan hill, 66 monterey more sun at the coast during the afternoon. they just started outside lands 60° up to 65 by 3:00, fog 7:00, dropping us into the 50s and mid 50s by 10:00. jazz, head down to san jose warm near 90 5:00, more comfortable at 8:00, midnight down to 70°. candlestick 68, 6:00 up to six
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-- dropping to 61 by 9:30. our last stop at&t park 7:15 matt cancer money, 7:35 first pitch, -- 66 dropping to 60. threat of thunderstorms minimal but there in tahoe mid 80s throughout the weekend yosemite topping 100 everyday. heat one more day and poor air quality again tomorrow pattern shifts slowly only lose two to four degrees sunday another four degrees monday. 90s inland near 80 around the bay, 60s at the coast. >> very gracious to mention our opponent as well.
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we have the health warning for parents as your kids ready to head back-to-school more and more students are being diagnosed with back pain because of overweight backpacks. the number of injuries for kids under 18 increased more than 6% in the last year. recommend backpacks weigh less than 15% of the child's overall body weight and avoid narrow straps that dig into the shoulder muscles. we have this week's perfect pet. mike is back to introduce us to maggie. here is what is coming up on good afternoon america. coming up, celebrity smackdown. biggest feuds blowing up this week. plus, david alan grier is with us. we have deals and steals, just for our gaa viewers.
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this time it is about getting kids ready for school. @
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news from the war on cancer how aspirin may be key to reducing mortality rate. at 5, tragedy at the sikh temple and colorado movie theater unlikely source speaks out about gun violence.
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we lighten up with perfect pet. mike is back with a new friend. >> new friend named maggie and derrick holmes here. he's been fostering maggie for the mar reufpb humane society. tell us about manage go >> it has been great, maggie is a gentle giant. a sweetheart. she is great on the leash. she follows you around the house. she loves being with people more than anything. >> are you trying to be a lap dog? >> she likes to be a lap dog, sleep on the bed, she will sit next to you, watch the giants game, looking forward to the 49ers. >> do you have any other animals in your house? >> right now i don't, no. we've had dogs before, i think it is a dog-friendly house. >> she looks like a big sweetheart. >> she is. >> thanks for all you do and bringing maggie in. look at this she is going
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to 1/2 your fingers off. -- going to gnaw your fingers off. nice to meet you. >> maggie is a big lap dog. >> thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. from your tv service, now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ megan ] call now
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